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>> good morning, everyone. i knew that might be too good to be true that she actually might go with that cute little sergeant who asked her. but we're going to give you an update. >> the pressure is on. justin timberlake stepped to the plate and tried to convince her. more about that coming up. >> i got a feeling at the end of the day she's going to be there. it's going to be a saturday night, north carolina. there are a lot of breaking details regarding the dates and there could be a big face injected into it as well. we'll tell you about it shortly. big blowup in washington that everybody is talking about. >> clayton in for brian today. good to have you. headlines for you first. there are no leads this morning on who is responsible for a deadly triple bombing in mumbai, india that killed 17 people. the simultaneous bombings in three separate neighborhoods described as a coordinated terror attack. 131 other people are hurt. 23 critically. investigators believe it may be revenge for police pressure on
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home grown terrorists. this morning, four people are dead after a homicide bomber attacked a memorial service for the half brother of afghanistan president hamid karzai. 15 others were hurt in this attack on a kandahar mosque. wally karzai was assassinated on tuesday. he was shot at close range, apparently by a confidant. the taliban has claimed responsibility for his murder. thousands paid their respects for an 8-year-old boy murdered in his brooklyn, new york, neighborhood. he went missing monday on his way home from camp. yesterday, his dismembered body was discovered in a local man's apartment. levi aaron has been arrested and charged with the boy's murder after he confessed to smothering them. the neighbors said they were suspicious of aaron belong before this incident. nbc finally issuing a formal apology now. nearly a month after omitting the words "under god" from the pledge of allegiance. remember this videotape? >> to the republic for which it
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stands. one nation. >> order! >> for liberty and justice for all. >> heavily edited pledge aired twice during this year's u.s. open golf tournament sparking outrage that is not only from viewers but from lawmakers as well. more than 100 congressional leaders wrote a letter condemning the omission. nbc claims the decision was made by a small group of employees, not the network itself. and those are your headlines. >> reportedly, those particular employees have been reprimanded. taken to the principal's office. meanwhile, kind of the principal's office once again today. the president of the united states is convening all the people to talk about the debt once again today at 4:15, it should be quite tense because there are reports that it got really testy yesterday. apparently, the president had said he was to the point where he had offered $1.7 trillion worth of spending cuts. but eric cantor said mr. president, we need $2.4 trillion
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because that's what you're asking for. >> one day they're offering $1.7 trillion and the next day they're offering $1.6 trillion and he's like it's like leaving jell-o out overnight. you don't know what it's going to get. it turns to liquid one moment and firm the next moment. >> the only thing they're firm on is raising taxes. that's the only thing he said this administration remains firm on. as you say, the numbers. here's the thing. if you really want to be on -- looking at it from the republican point of view right now, there has been compromise from him. in the house, they asked for $6 trillion in cuts, when they started these meetings it was $2.4. if you look at every single day, it's gone bad every single day. $1.6, $1.5. another story behind the scenes is that what caused eric cantor
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to get upset or the president was that eric cantor suggested maybe we should do a short term deal right now, then, and the president, then, apparently stood up and left the meeting. >> yeah, that's when he got a little frustrated. pushed his chair back and said enough is enough and he told eric cantor, don't call my bluff. i'm not afraid to veto this and take it to the american people. i will not yield on this. enough is enough. >> yeah, we will have to be willing to compromise, he goes on. it shouldn't be about positioning and politics and then he abruptly left and on the way out, he said i'll see you all tomorrow. so it should be kind of -- we should point out that democrats dispute that particular depiction of what happened at the end. they said that apparently that mr. cantor was rudely interrupting the president mid finger wag and that's what happened. he didn't just start him off the set like that. >> rip up the table. it sort of reminds me.
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i know you're a big fan. "real housewives of new york" it reminds me of that. >> of new jersey, i think. you just moved there. >> this reminds me of a little testiness the president may have had. take a look. >> you are [beep]. you [beep]. you [beep]! in my -- you. >> that's what we have -- that's the transcript. we don't have the -- >> imagine if capitol hill was in jersey, then maybe we would have that kind of -- >> we'd have a deal by now. believe me. >> one of the things that framed the fact that tempers were flaring is the fact that during the meeting it was brought up that moody's investor services has now put the u.s. triple a credit rating under review. this is something that they had promised about a month ago. what it exactly means, stuart varney will be with us in a
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little while to break it all down but essentially what it says is that the gold standard for -- oh, there he is live with -- >> he doesn't look very happy. >> he's not happy. if you've been listen to go his show on fox business network, he said this is something that needs to change and there are a lot of people on wall street really concerned this morning as that threat -- it was basically a threat that we're going to get some more analysis on that. >> second threat. i think they threatened before. >> they might put it under review and now they have put it under review. this would be the first time since 1917 that we would have lost the triple a rating. we didn't even lose it during the great depression and that's one of the reasons why the president said that if that happens, this would be a tax increase on all americans and then he also said, you know, i might -- my presidency might go down in flames but he's going to stand for what he wants. >> one thing we've known about these whole debt discussions is that there seems to be -- well, let's say this. is it the president wanting you to believe there's infighting in the republican party right now or is it actually happening
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because mitch mcconnell came out with that plan a couple of days ago. some republicans liked it. some republicans said absolutely not. well, donald trump seems to be siding with those who don't like that plan and here's what he thinks about the g.o.p. throwing in the cards! >> it's hard to believe that the republicans look like they're about to fold again. they talk tough but they don't act tough. it's incredible. look at what's going on. it's called el foldo. they are going to do something with the debt ceiling. they could negotiate so strong. they could negotiate so powerfully right now. they're losing all their chips just like they did in december. they call it the lame duck session where they gave obama everything he wanted and frankly, they had all the cards. right now, they have all the cards and they're going to give up their hand. i don't believe what's going on and that's one of the reasons i'm so disgusted with them.
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>> them, he's talking about the republicans and it's curious because one of the things that was said during that meeting at the white house yesterday is it was revealed to the president, look, on the republican side, we don't have enough votes to pass anything that we've talked about so far and that's why there is peril and that's why mitch mcconnell has come up with this plan that a lot of people simply don't like. >> well, and "the washington post" yesterday saying this was an opportunity and he actually thought that the mitch mcconnell plan was interesting for republicans because it basically foisted the debt ceiling debate on to president obama's back. they go back to their districts and say we don't do any votes. it was purely the president's vote here. >> what do the american people feel right now? there's a new gallup poll that was conducted just recently, july 7th through the 10th about exactly what americans want to fix this whole debt crisis. so preference for spending cuts vs. taxes to reduce the deficit. it's a little complicated
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because it appears that -- that the american public is not exactly quite sure but they are sort of favoring some sort of a combination. you see there, 41% of republicans would like to solve this mostly with spending cuts. >> i mean, basically, this comes down to, look, they don't want this debt ceiling increase. they realize this might be a necessity. >> sure, if given the choice between spending cuts or increasing taxes, the key is -- and look at the bottom line, republicans only 2% say mostly with tax increases. democrats an even 12. that's a pretty low number given your thinking on it. what's interesting is the stuff in the middle and with the republicans, you can see that 41% mostly want the spending cuts, 24%, a quarter of republicans see that, you know, maybe we will have to have some sort of revenue increase. >> if you think that's a big story, we're watching that in washington today. another big story we're following this morning, mila,
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she had on the air said she was going to go to this date on this date with this -- >> the marine ball. >> sergeant scott moore, that hot guy right there! >> there he is at the marine corps ball in north carolina this coming november. it turns out, according to news reports this morning, she may be breaking that date. >> oh! >> it's not just because she doesn't apparently just not want to go. she's, according to her people, she is filming two movies simultaneously and she might not physically be able to get to north carolina to go on this date. i don't know. she did say during that junket interview with justin timberlake, he kind of conned her into it and encouraged her, she did say she would go. how does sergeant scott moore feel about it now? my goodness, he was probably so heart broken. >> you have justin timberlake being the conduit to get her to accept his invitation and now, apparently, corporal kelsey desantis who posted at quantico
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realized, wait a minute, justin timberlake talking about the marine corps ball. maybe i should ask him and she did. >> so justin, you want to call out my girl mila? i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c. and if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me a river. >> you can hear -- >> look at the guys behind her. is that her posse? >> hey, justin, you're in trouble with us if you don't go with her. >> you know who those guys are -- >> she's a little choked up. you can tell she was a little nervous. reminds me of asking a girl to the dance. >> looking around andou can tell she's stammering a little bit. i don't know if you're going to go with me. >> gretchen, the answer to those guys behind her, yeah. she is the only female service member of the martial arts center for excellence at quantico. those are black belts and so is she. so if justin timberlake is smart, he will say absolutely i'm going to be there.
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>> should mila go with sergeant moore? maybe we can get her by the end of the show to actually commit to going. we'll see if she can come back on that. >> she says it's a work thing. >> yep. well, anyway, they're both very cute proposals. we told you moody's put the u.s. on notice. it wants to downgrade the dollar. what does that really mean for you and your money? luckily we have stuart varney here to explain to us next. >> yep. and then apparently, they didn't learn their lesson, more auto workers busted drinking on the way to work. can the union really save their jobs? bottoms up, boys! >> is that coffee or something else? [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> moody's put the u.s. on review for a downgrade yesterday. the credit reporting agency says that the nation will lose its triple a rating soon if the debt
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limit is not raised. >> federal reserve chair ben bernanke warning that will have widespread and gigantic consequences. >> so this is a matter of arithmetic fairly soon after that date, there would have to be significant cuts in social security, medicare, military pay or some combination of those in order to avoid borrowing more money. >> so there you've got ben bernanke warning it would be a bad thing. you've got as well as we deal in stuart varney, we had moody's yesterday and today, breaking news, s&p. >> yes, it's gotten even worse. s&p, another rating agency has ratcheted up the pressure one more notch. standard & poor's is quoted in "the wall street journal" this morning as saying, look, you america could be downgraded even if you make all of your payments on social security and the debt. >> even if we do a deal. >> yes. here's a direct quote. it might cut the u.s. credit
6:17 am
rating if the government fails to make any of its expected payments including social security. so one failure to make any payment means we are downgraded according to s&p. >> what does this add to the puzzle? how does it complicate what we're already facing as they try to hash out this deal? >> it ratchets up the pressure. these guys are saying, look, the pain will be severe if you don't get some kind of agreement and soon. that pain is twofold. you lose your reputation. america stands tall in the world as the gold standard of reliability in the financial world. you lose that. you lose your reputation. if you lose your reputation, you pay more when you want to borrow some money. interest rates go up. >> stuart, when you look at what you just reported on standard & poor's where if we fail to make some social security payments, it sounds like what the president said the other day to scott pelly has come back to haunt the white house. >> well, now you look at what the president said to scott pelly in a different light.
6:18 am
>> that we might not be able to make those payments. >> he said, look, i can't guarantee that we'll make those payments. social security payments. that was a direct threat to seniors. >> sure. >> now, bearing in mind what standard & poor's and moody's is saying, that's a direct threat to default. to go into technical default which would make president obama the first president in american history to preside over a default and the first president since 1917 to preside over a downgrade of america's reputation. that's a serious thing. i think it put more pressure on the president than it does on the republicans oochlt thierz a lot of pressure on everybody. >> how many zantac pills are they popping today for acid relief? >> that's a good question. i have no number for you. >> everybody will be watching you on the fox business network kicking off at 9:20 eastern time. >> thanks, gretch. steve. >> he's charged with sexually assaulting children and the evidence is all on video. a loophole lets him watch those
6:19 am
videos in jail? isn't there a way to stop this. that debate next. >> hunting down sharks on a kayak. that's right. see this fisherman's one-on-one encounter with that thing. they're two of a kd. and, just like toddlers, ppies need food made for them. that's why there's purina puppy chow... with all the essential nutrients your growing puppy needs. purina puppy chow. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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>> all right. quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. thursday morning, that is to say. a final farewell today for former first lady betty ford. she'll be laid to rest next to president gerald ford in grand rapids, michigan. former president bill clinton, former first lady barbara bush and former vice president dick cheney and wife lynn among the dignitaries paying respects at today's service and the u.s.
6:23 am
women's soccer team is on its way to the world cup finals after defeating france 3-1 yesterday. the championship game, this sunday vs. japan. it will be team u.s.a.'s first world cup final match in over a decade when we won. clayton? >> thanks, steve. listen to this story, he's charged with sexually assaulting and torturing more than a dozen children and the evidence is caught on video but "a loophole in the law lets him watch those videos in jail. when police arrested him in 2007, they seized dozens of child porn tapes. they're all considered evidence and since gilbert is representing himself, he's allowed to review them while awaiting trial. for a fair and balanced debate we're joined by a trial attorney and civil rights lawyer and attorney angel raez this morning to debate this. let me start with you. you have to defend guys like this on a regular basis. why in the world does this guy get to look at videotapes of child pornography? >> can you imagine a criminal justice system where the accused
6:24 am
was not allowed to see the proofs or the evidence that the government was going to rely on when they prosecuted him? now, this isn't so much of a loophole but the basis of our criminal justice system. there's compromises. a defendant doesn't get unfeterred information from the facts in the case. the fact he's representing himself shouldn't change that. it should limit the amount of time and manner he reviews the evidence. >> he gets to go through and pick and choose and understand which one of these kids he was involved with? >> i think it's a terrible decision. in fact, i think that court in washington got it completely wrong. as we all know, the courts oftentimes get things wrong. this just absolutely belies commonsense and decency. obscenity is a crime. and child pornography is obscenity. it's illegal in every community in america. >> nobody disputes those facts
6:25 am
but he's accused of a crime that will put him in prison for the rest of his life if he's convicted and if he's his own lawyer, he has to see this evidence. >> what can he glean from this evidence? he's sitting there watching these child pornography tapes in prison. what can he glean from it? >> that's a good question. in a federal case that parallels this one in the state system, he was accused and he's admitted his guilt to actually creating these videos so it's not as if he's seeing this for the first time. generally speaking, a criminal defense attorney needs to review the evidence in order to determine the holes in the state's case, the flaws in the proof. now, that's why a court should limit his ability to view this in order to create a meaningful defense of the criminal case in the state court. >> go ahead. >> i think you're forgetting a lot of the exceptions to the right to represent yourself. in fact, our supreme court has ruled on many occasions that an accused simply isn't competent to represent themselves. certainly competent to stand
6:26 am
trial but not competent to represent themselves. and therefore, a court appoints a lawyer. that's what should have been done and -- >> that has nothing to do with his right to see the evidence. >> have to leave it there, guys. interesting debate. >> that would be like letting a crack dealer see the evidence because he's accused of selling crack is not a good idea. >> e-mail us, let us know what you think about this. friends at thanks so much. have a great weekend coming up. coming up on the show, be careful which car you buy. more auto workers busted drinking on the way to work. can the unions save their jobs? what do you mean the checks aren't in the mail? americans on social security not buying the president's new debt threat and they're ready to fight back about it and first, happy birthday to taboo. of black eyed peas.
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>> time for your shot in the morning. a kayaker in california finds himself in a boatload of trouble after getting a little too close to a shark. >> you got to lead away! >> oh, man.
6:31 am
david catches and releases sharks as a hobby. great. why not catch javelins? >> or stamp collecting. >> sure, but he says this time was different, the eight foot thresher shark caught him pulling him off his kayak and into the water. he battled the shark for 30 minutes before it got away. >> what were they trying to accomplish by grabbing it, though? >> who is videotaping it? >> just let it go. he's holding on to it. >> catch and release. >> right. a little birdie in my ear says his friend is videotaping that. that's an interesting hobby to have. >> i love the friends in that video. they're not helping. they want to make sure they got it on tape so thank you, friend, for showing that video. we have your headlines for you this morning. take a listen to this. turkish police arrested 15 men they say are al-qaida terrorists planning to blow up the u.s. embassy in alkhara. they produced 15 pounds of explosive chemicals, rifles, ammunition and maps found as well. the arrests came six months of surveillance after a key suspect. >> the search for seven americans missing since july 3rd when their boat capsizeed is now
6:32 am
over. the boat sank off the coast of baja, california, 35 others on board were rescued but apparently it's been too long so that search has been called off. >> the f.b.i. releasing this new photograph evidence of notorious mobster james "whitey" bulger's secret safe. yep, hidden behind a bathroom mirror in his santa monica apartment he lived in for 16 years. inside the safe, two pistols and $822,000 in clean, crisp bills in wrapped plastic. the feds also found about 30 other weapons including an assault rifle and a grenade. bulger has been charged with the murders of 19 people. that's his mug shot. >> oh. president obama says he wants to close the military prison at guantanamo bay. sound familiar? a senior defense official tells "the wall street journal" the administration has not taken the gitmo option off the table. unidentified officials say terror suspects will still be sent there on a case-by-case basis. >> fox news in detroit busting another group of chrysler workers drinking beer and smoking pot before they head to
6:33 am
the factory to make cars. a similar bust made big news 10 months ago. this time, it's a crew from a different chrysler plant, lighten up and boozing in the parking lot. >> aren't you supposed to be starting work pretty soon? what do you got in the bag? >> a couple of beers? >> you drink beer all the time before you start work? >> no. >> you don't? didn't you already come here about an hour ago and have a couple of beers? >> yeah, i did. >> oh, man! >> turns out the worker you just saw has been driving without a valid license since 1993! chrysler's reaction to the video, the company says as soon as the workers are identified, that will be pretty easy, they'll be suspended indefinitely without pay. >> suspended? >> but you got to wonder how much this is going on if it's that easy to just catch them and follow them around. >> and the union rules that are there to hold them up and back them up at any other job, sure. >> smoking pot on videotape. >> are you suggesting the union would bail them out with a beer
6:34 am
bailout? >> perhaps a beer bailout or pot bailout. >> they're having beer summits every morning, apparently. not a good idea before you go to work. >> all right, before you go to work or head off to wherever you're heading on this thursday, take a look at the map and we've got some widely scattered thunderstorms moving through much of the land of 10,000 lakes, minnesota, and some widely scattered, yeah, it is kind of a heat wave kind of. i'll show you where in a second. widely scattered showers in portions of dixieland overnight. they're kind of dissipating but we have some in the lower mississippi valley. meanwhile, the current temperatures, we got a lot of 50's and 60's in the northern corner of northeast as you can see right there, then we've got 70's and 80's all the way from the mid atlantic down through the gulf coast. where's that heat wave? well, it continues once again across the southern plains. it's going to be 104 again today. kind of a heat wave in dallas. also, el paso, 99.
6:35 am
103 today in phoenix, and speaking of heat wave, a lot of viewers, take a look at this. have sent in some picture. this is a viewer by the name of jason says he handled the heat wave. he took his little girl to the beach. very nice. at the lake. and here's viewer mike kicking it poolside in arkansas where it's been in the triple digits as well. >> oy! >> cell phone -- >> he was drinking, ok? >> must be a car. >> right, on his way to work at the car plant. >> ok. president obama warning senior citizens may not get their benefit checks if negotiations don't reach a deal. negotiators, that is to raise the debt limit. >> this is not just a matter of social security checks. these are veterans' checks. these are folks on disability. and their checks. there are about 70 million checks that go out. i cannot guarantee those checks go out if we haven't resolved this issue. >> joining us from las vegas is a senior citizen on social
6:36 am
security. good morning to you, lanny. >> good morning. >> when you heard the president of the united states say that you might not get your check, what was your reaction? >> i don't know where he's coming from. i don't understand that. it's -- it's not something that made me very happy. >> yeah. >> not made you happy, i'm sure but the treasury secretary, timothy geithner earlier this week saying they can't print the checks, they don't have the money and there's some disputing that but do you believe or don't believe the treasury secretary? >> i don't believe him. i mean, i've paid into a fund from the time i was about 16 years old. i should have money in there that would pay my check. >> absolutely. >> so do you believe that it's actually true that if they don't reach a deal by august 2nd and the nation does default that you won't receive the check or did you take it more as sort of a veiled threat or scare tactic from the president?
6:37 am
>> well, i think it's a scare tactic on the president's part. i think if he can get his way, i think he would do that. i'm not sure that he really cares that much about the people of the united states. but it would leave a lot of people wondering how they're going to make it for that month or for the next little while in their lives to keep them alive. >> absolutely. we've got a graphic, lanny, that shows the projected revenue and also whether or not we do have enough money. this is, apparently, this is a graphic that we got from goldman and sachs, that straight line going up is the money coming in. we look, we obviously are taking in more money than we would pay out in social security. so the president, while he says he might not be able to cut the checks, there would be enough money in the kitty.
6:38 am
so what's your message to the president of the united states if he's up and watching you right now? lanny? >> well, what i would like to know on his part is if he's going to cut those checks, people that need this money, what about his check? does he get a check, then? >> great point. >> and is he -- is he going to have the congress not get their check? or the senate? >> there's been a -- >> do they deserve it any more than we do. >> good point. >> it bothers me that they call this an entitlement program when we paid into it for all of our lives. it was mandatory that we pay into this. >> uh-huh. so how do you feel, then, about -- i know that you come from a family of life long democrats but you decided to become a republican recently, i think it was before the last presidential election. but how do you feel, then, about the republicans' stance on this with regard to holding firm on not wanting to raise taxes as part of this equation which, in fact, some people say if they
6:39 am
don't compromise, then we will actually go into default. >> well, i'm not sure that not raising taxes is not the way to go. but if they're going to use us as a trump card all the time, the idea of we're going to cut medicare, we're going to cut social security and oh, by the way, you can just sit back and try to figure out what you're going to be doing for the next part of your lives until you die. i don't know. >> no kidding. all right. lanny shea joining us today from las vegas. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. coming up here on the show, bill maher calling out a fox news contributor. >> i challenge dr. blow to come on this show and we'll have a sane off. we'll find out who is really sane. >> dr. keith ablow will be here
6:40 am
to respond. >> uh-huh. >> doctors want parents to lose custody of their kids if they feed them too much. if they're obese. is an unhealthy meal really child abuse if your kid gets obese? should that kid be taken away from the family? we'll report, you decide. >> eat your peas.
6:41 am
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ask your doctor if your heart is heahy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset smach, and abnormal vision. to avoid ong-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. you didn't get to this age by having things handed to you. this is the age of taking actn. viagra. talk to your docr. see if america's most prescribed e.d. treatment is right for you. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines for you. another personalized wake-up call for the shuttle astronauts this morning. >> ♪ if you believed they put a man on the moon ♪ good morning, atlantis. this is michael stipe from
6:44 am
r.e.m. we wish you much success on your mission and thank all the women and men at nasa who have worked on the shuttle for three decades from earth. a very good morning to you. >> pretty cool. get a wake-up call from michael stipe. it's day seven of the shuttle mission. the last ever for nasa. and two top doctors pushing for a new law that would have parents lose custody if their kids are extremely obese. and put those kids in foster care. they co-wrote an article published in the journal of the american medical association. let us know what you think about that. >> thank you very much, we've been telling you about media matters and david brock using your tax dollars to fund their self-proclaimed war on fox news and more people are taping a stand to stop it! jana mauney is a teacher who calls this one of the most unamerican things going on right now. she filed a formal complaint with the irs and joins us from
6:45 am
raleigh/durham, new mexicorth c. >> good morning. >> why did you file a complaint and have them revoke media matters tax exempt status? >> i think media matters has every right to do this if they want to with their own money. if you do it with taxpayer dollars, put the full force of the u.s. government behind that and the u.s. government should be in the business of promoting ideas, not trying to stifle anybody's ideas or anybody's freedom of the press or expression. >> you're absolutely right. i mean, if they were doing it on their dime, it would be one thing. freedom of speech. but for them to get a tax break because they've got that special tax exempt status, that really bugs you, doesn't it? >> i think it's scary, a little bit. if they have that right to go after fox, then they could go after some other group maybe
6:46 am
that doesn't have the resources that fox has, perhaps, to fight them. and so you'll probably be ok because you're strong enough and have the resources to withstand whatever attacks media matters might have. or might go after you with. but if you have a small blogger, a small radio station somewhere, and media matters says we don't like what they say, we'll go after them, and they are using united states tax dollars to fight
6:47 am
>> in the blogosphere, there are those kinds of blogers that do that every day but there aren't bloggers who do that and get a tax exemption like media matters does and that's why, you know, they've got this self-declared war on fox plus if you look at the stuff, clearly they seem to be a de facto wing of the democratic party so they're trying to help one party and that's against the tax code as well. >> if they can do it in the free market system, raise their own money and do it without taxpayer money, then that's their right. that's the world we live in. that's our country.
6:48 am
but to have the support of the american government to do it, i would be just as against it if it were a conservative group trying to use taxpayer money to shut down a liberal group. it's wrong either way. >> gotcha. >> we just need all of the ideas out there so we can explore all of those ideas and see which ones are the best and then use those. >> thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us today. jana mauney from raleigh/durham, north carolina who filed a complaint with the irs about media matters. thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> you bet. straight ahead, the latest patdown mania targeting an 11-month-old baby. you might recognize him. you'll find out. are agents going too far? the story is straight ahead. and bill maher calling out a fox news contributor. he wants to meet face to face with dr. keith ablow for comments keith made on this show. the doctor here to respond next.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> high drama on capitol hill as tempers flare and frustration grows on both sides of the debt talks. yesterday, president obama reportedly stormed out of the meeting so does washington need a change in psychology to get a debt deal done? psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow joins me now. good morning to you, doctor. >> hey, gretchen. >> does washington need its head checked? what would you advise? >> well, absolutely, because you know what? ultimately, the american people judge whether they have confidence, whether they feel that the truth is being honored in these debt talks. and in the way that the administration is moving forward on the economy. if they don't feel and they don't, that the truth is being honored in terms of what really powers this economy, then guess what?
6:53 am
they won't spend. their confidence won't rebound and you can't then have jobs and an economy generating tax revenue. >> so after you heard about the fact that, apparently, things got a little testy in yesterday's discussions and then the president got up and abruptly left, if you were advising them today, what should they say to each other when they sit down? >> well, look, i think that the president needs to be very forthcoming. if he does not believe that the fruits of one man or one group's labors should reward that person or those groups in a different way than, say, an employee of that company or that entrepreneur, he should just kind of say that and lay his cards on the table because the fact is the rest of us think it's miraculous that you can have an idea or generate a new company or go forward and take a risk and that other people then get employed because you took that risk. that's the american way.
6:54 am
the free market, the economy, if he doesn't believe in that, then he's willing to walk away and walk away from our country and even our way of life. >> all right. now, i want to see what you're going to do about this next topic, walk away or take on the challenge because recently, you joined us on "fox & friends" to discuss bill maher, i don't know why we were even discussing him but anyway, he fired back now against you inviting you to a sane off on his show. listen to this. > >> did a thing on actually birth control, actually on having big families two weeks ago on the end of this show and they turned it into me being anti-woman, anti-bristol palin because it started with a couple of bristol palin jokes so they brought him on to declare me insane. i challenge dr. blow to come on this show and we'll have a sane-off. we 'll find out who is really
6:55 am
sane. >> i don't think he accidentally mispronounced your name. what do you think? >> no, no. look, we're dealing with a schoolyard bully. he calls bristol palin by a slu r, a sexual slur that you'd
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>> top of the morning for you. thanks for sharing your time with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. showdown between the president and the majority leader, two
7:00 am
sides of the same story. both end with the president abruptly leaving the room. well, could he be threatening a veto now? >> meanwhile, donald trump is so disgusted with the republican debt strategy, he's speaking spanglish? >> it's hard to believe but the republicans look like they're about to fold again. they talk tough but they don't act tough. it's called el foldo. >> el foldo. and now he's even thinking about getting back into the ring. he is not saying adios. >> so he hasn't folded-o. while you weren't watching, the tsa patdown patrol returned in full force. now they're getting up close and personal with an 11-month-old. and the former secretary of defense getting a patdown. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> live from new york where we let the crew produce the show and pass the savings along to you, it's "fox & friends"!
7:01 am
>> thank you very much, david azman for that nice entree this hour. we've got in brian's chair today, he's taking one day off, clayton morris. good morning to you, sir. >> nice to have you guys. nice to have you. >> thank you for being here. we'll kick off and get to the debt ceiling in a minute. we have other headlines to share with you now. there are no leads this morning on who is responsible for a deadly triple bombing in mumbai, india, that killed 17 people yesterday. the simultaneous bombings in three separate neighborhoods described as a coordinated terror attack. 131 other people hurt. 23 critically. investigators believe it may be revenge for police pressure on home grown terrorist. thousands say good-bye to an 8-year-old boy brutally murdered in his own neighborhood. he went missing monday on his way home from camp in brooklyn, new york. police discovered his dismembered body yesterday in a local man's home. they have arrested levi aaron and charged him with murder after police say he confessed to smothering the boy. neighbors are speaking out
7:02 am
saying they were suspicious of aaron long before this incident. >> a bizarre twist in the casey anthony saga. the judge in the case now under attack by his alleged former mistress who says he's just as big a liar as casey. the alleged mistress is janice williamson. she told a source that judge perry pursued her relentlessly and lied to federal investigators when she outted their affair. no word from judge perry about those accusations. days after herman cain's long lost gospel album was released on line, the republican presidential candidate belted out a few lines on "stossel." >> ♪ reason to be believe you can make time stand still ♪ ♪ and know from the moment you try if you believe ♪
7:03 am
♪ you know you will >> you have quite a voice. i thank you very much. >> nice pipes herman cain right here on "fox & friends" tomorrow. maybe he can part of our friday concert outdoors. it's lifehouse, right? all right. >> that sounded like me in the shower this morning. >> you have that kind of bass bravado. >> everybody does in the shower. >> ♪ if you want to believe so i can't wait -- >> now go to the low note. >> ♪ believe >> ♪ believe >> we'll take each other on tomorrow morning and we'll try it. >> speaking of taking each other on, there they were at the white house once again yesterday, the republicans vs. the democrats and the president as well. they're going to have a meeting today at 4:15 and it could be tense because it reportedly, and this is where the cameras came in and sprayed a little video, then they left and apparently at
7:04 am
one point there was a math difference. the president said i'm -- i'm agreeing to $1.7 trillion worth of cuts. eric cantor said mr. president, it will have to be $2.4 trillion if we want to go dollar for dollar and tempers and nostrils were starting to flare. next thing you know, eric cantor said if we're not going to come to a deal, we might have to have a short term deal to get us through. unfortunately for the president, though, if they did do a short-term deal, it would expire. they would have to vote on another debt limit crisis before the next election which is the last thing barack obama wants. >> he doesn't want to go through this again. he said look, if we can't do this now, we won't be able to do it next year. he said don't call my bluff, eric. i'm not afraid to veto it and i'll take it to the american people. this may bring down my presidency but i will not yield on this. enough is enough, we have to be willing to compromise. it shouldn't be about positioning and politics and i'll see you all tomorrow! with that, he pushed back from the chair and it sort of reminded us a little bit about like "the real housewives of new jersey." . take a look.
7:05 am
>> it did? >> you [beep]! die and my house, [beep]. >> i don't think i went quite as bad. >> it wasn't anything like that. there was no table flipping. >> here's the thing, those quotes atriblted to the president, this is all coming from inside sources who were inside this room from democratic and republican aides and they're actually telling two different stories. you know, the republicans are saying that the president stood up and he did that and left abruptly. the democrats are saying it wasn't really that way. really what the american people care about is not table flipping, i think they just want to have a resolution to this whole thing. it's coming down to crunch time now. >> 20 days. >> i joked earlier with stuart varney about being needing a lot of zantac, come on. this is a really serious situation right now for our country when you start reading that other foreign nations are becoming really nervous about the status of the great reputation of the united states.
7:06 am
this is serious business. >> it is. and in fact, the president apparently at one point yesterday said look, i'm going to have to know from you republicans by tomorrow if we're going to go forward on this. >> yeah. >> there's a ottreport from bloomberg that the president may invite both sides to camp david this weekend. what really got things going and then the blood pressure ratchetting up is the fact that yesterday, moody's investor services, they had threatened us before but apparently what they are now doing is they are reviewing the triple a rating for the united states of america. if that happens, well, here's stuart varney. it wouldn't be pretty. >> these guys are saying, look, the pain will be severe if you don't get some kind of agreement. >> right. >> and soon. that pain is two-fold. number one, you lose your reputation. america stands tall in the world as the gold standard of reliability in the financial world. you lose that. you lose your reputation. if you lose your reputation, you pay more when you want to borrow some money. interest rates. >> so could a downgrade be next?
7:07 am
because now we are under review. >> that would be the first time ever i believe since 1917 that would have actually have happened in current daytime. in the meantime, donald trump, guess what? he once again is not ruling out the fact that he might run for president. he said look, if they don't nominate the right republican, i might have to jump into the race yet again. in the meantime, he's speaking a couple of different languages and he's kind of upset at the g.o.p. >> it's hard to believe but the republicans look like they're about to fold again. they talk tough. but they don't act tough. it's incredible. look at what's going on. it's called el foldo. they are going to do something with the debt ceiling, they could negotiate so strong. they could negotiate so powerfully right now. they're losing all their chips just like they did in december. they call it the lame duck session. where they gave obama everything he wanted and frankly, they had all the cards. right now, they have all the
7:08 am
cards and they're going to give up their hand. i don't believe what's going on. and that's one of the reasons i'm so disgusted with them. >> governor palin agrees with him saying that the republicans need to not retreat right now but reload and if you look at actually a new gallup poll out this morning as to how this all breaks down among americans and how they feel about this, the numbers get a little shifty but the bottom line here is that basically, they understand the necessity of this debt ceiling increase but they're not happy they'd have to do it and they certainly want tax cuts or spending cuts over any sort of revenue increases, about a 2-1 margin there. >> so when you look at how republicans feel about it, they would want to fix the problem mostly with spending cuts, 41%. equally with spending cuts and taxes, 24% according to republicans. it's interesting, though, because independents are -- are 30% wanting so it looks like they're a little bit more in line with wanting to have a combination of things and, of course, democrats really are more in line with that at 42%. >> dollar for dollar thing.
7:09 am
that's where you mentioned the money issue, frustration is right now $1.7 trillion and the president says it's about a foundation they've agreed upon in the last few days. that doesn't cover a $2.5 trillion raising of the debt ceiling so those numbers don't match. you still are raising debt ceiling and still only cutting spending here. you have that much to get to right now. >> so once again, they will be meeting once again at 4:15 later today and from all accounts, it does sound like eric cantor is holding the line. same thing for the tea party, we want a certain deal and this is going to be it and then you got the mitch mcconnell deal. >> one thing we know for sure, those people in the little room won't be going to the airport. may be good news for them because guess who got a patdown now from the tsa? none other than the former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld. here are the pictures right here. apparently, apparently, he had a good attitude about him. >> people were recognizing him as he was getting a patdown and soldiers were walking by and they waved to him and so forth
7:10 am
and apparently, he had a good attitude about it. you can imagine that the tsa didn't recognize him as the former secretary of defense or maybe they did. i don't know. ted kennedy kept getting patted down every time -- >> he was on the list. >> he was on the list for a while. you don't know if they recognize these individuals. >> meanwhile, at the scanner yesterday, i believe in nashville at the airport there, there was a 41-year-old mother by the name of andrea abbott. she did not want her daughter to go through the scanner and didn't -- refused to let her daughter be patted down. she said she didn't want her daughter to be "touched inappropriately" or have her "crotch grabbed" so she was doing some yelling and some swearing at the tsa and the cops came. she didn't calm down. they arrested her. >> i can understand that. because this is what happened to me the other day. my 11-month-old son going through security, they didn't pat me down. they patted him down.
7:11 am
>> oh, please. >> there he is, that's my son miles. wearing the exact same outfit. i said you're going to do what? they said well, his outfit is suspect. >> that outfit? >> it wasn't his hugies. >> it wasn't his hugies. it was his outfit. look at that, he looks like a security threat, doesn't he? look at that little punk. that's my son. >> he's so cute! >> he's wearing an osh kosh bgosh outfit. that's a security threat. >> did you allow the patdown to happen? >> i'm going to be arrested because they've got the rubber gloves on. once they put the rubber gloves on. >> what do they pat down on a baby? >> went down his back and around his legs and up and over. i'm standing here, i could be more of a threat. >> that goes to show you it's just your particular number that comes up randomly. >> no, he said it was the outfit. he said it was the outfit. >> come on! >> little poochy? all babies are poochy. let us know what you think, friends at >> outfit. >> threw that out there on twitter. let us know. >> straight ahead on this thursday, is the president threatening social security to make his point? >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. >> so is the president trying to scare you or is this serious
7:12 am
business? juan williams, andrea tantaros duke it out next. >> and the mainstream media baffled over "newsweek"'s profile of sarah palin. after all, it was written in a positive light. it must be a fraud, right? we'll ask the author, the guy who wrote the article. he's with us live. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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7:15 am
>> president obama issuing a warning to lawmakers and retirees this week. he says if there's no debt deal by august 2nd, social security checks might not be in the mail on august 3rdrd. that threat has some people worried. >> he controls who will get the
7:16 am
checks on august 3rd and who won't. that will be -- if he wants to threaten social security, he can do that. whether he actually withhold the checks or not is a moot point. it will scare the heck out of them anyway. >> juan williams and andrea tantaros, host of "the five" here on fox. for now, we are the three. good morning. >> good morning. >> couple of days ago, he played the grandma card. >> they always play the grandma card. just a couple of months ago, we saw democrats cut an ad where they were pushing a grandma off a cliff when it came to medicare. look, this is very politically potent stuff here. i mean, krauthammer is absolutely right. the president controls the money. now, there's plenty of money to give senior citizens those checks even if the debt ceiling isn't raised, but look, even the threat of it would be catastrophic to republicans.
7:17 am
i think if they get a deal, couple of things could happen. that effectively takes off a huge issue off the table for republicans. they can't say that the president is a big spender anymore. because he worked with them. if they don't, and the president, if they push this all on him, he will go down as the biggest spender in history. if he doesn't threaten those checks. really, both sides, it's like the tractor scene in "footloose". remember, kevin bacon was on that tractor. who is going to jump off the tractor? >> pop, pop, pop, pop. all right, mr. big spender, juan williams. what do you say to that? >> i just think there has to be some tough decisions made. i think this whole conversation is a distraction from the reality that the country spends too much money and we don't take in enough revenue to justify it and you got to get the house in order and in order to do that, you have to raise the debt ceiling and you have to have spending cuts and part of shared sacrifice requires there's some tax hikes and so far, the republicans are just being intransient and stubborn. the president is offering $3 in cuts to every $1 of tax hikes
7:18 am
and basically raising taxes on the super rich and still republicans say no, no, no, no, so where is the responsibility? and when the president plays hardball and says, you know, the seniors could lose out on social security, then the republicans say oh, that's scare tactics. it's not scare tactics according to ben bernanke and not scare tactics according to the treasury secretary and not scare tactics according to john boehner, the speaker of the house. >> the president said i don't know if i can cut the checks because the money might not be in the coffers. we have a graphic from the treasury department, the money would be in there and we understand the treasury department by mandate has to have at least $20 billion in the bank, i think they've got something like $60 billion so if he wanted to, juan, real quickly, he could cut those checks. >> yeah, but it was a matter of priorities against -- i think what you have is a situation. >> i think that's a high priority. >> yeah. so is paying the f.b.i. and soldiers who are fighting our wars overseas. i think that's a high priority,
7:19 am
too. >> we shouldn't have spent all that money on obamacare, maybe we would have more in the coffers. money has been flying out the door and republicans aren't going to cave on tax increases. it is a fundamental principle of the g.o.p. and they're not going to go there. 80 to 100 members in the house of representatives are already saying we're not going near any kind of deal that includes raising the debt ceiling so look, i think there's a lot to lose politically. >> you want to protect hedge fund guys on wall street instead of pay -- >> i want to protect job creators. because obama couldn't create the jobs so i want to protect the people as i think we all should. >> yeah, your people are on wall street. i think that's about it. >> juan! not true! >> this is exactly a taste of what goes on behind that locked door there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. juan and andrea, we thank you both for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> have a great day, steve. >> you as well. >> straight ahead, despite the fact that most airlines overcharge for everything these days, we're going to tell you where you can get a plane ticket for $4. and when "newsweek" wrote a positive profile of governor
7:20 am
sarah palin, the mainstream media went nuts just because it's positive. does that mean it was a fraud? the guy who wrote the article next live. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> time now for news by the numbers. first 243,000. that's about how many chrysler dodge ram trucks are being recalled because of problems with the steering. it affects certain pickups from 2003 to 2011. next, $4. that's how much jet blue is charging for flights between long beach and burbank in california this weekend. special offer was created to counter the shutdown of the 405 freeway. and finally, the 20th of august when kim kardashian will
7:24 am
reportedly walk down the aisle with basketball star kris humphries. there's no location yet but kim has reportedly invited 1,000 people. and that's your news by the numbers. >> i did say in that article that i believed that i could win. and then i went on to say but it doesn't have to be me. i'm not so egotistical as to believe it can only be me to turn this country around. >> former alaskan governor sarah palin addressing her presidential politics last night on the fox newschannel. palin who has yet to decide on a presidential run is speaking out about running in 2012 in this week's "newsweek" magazine. >> news reporter sat down with palin for an extensive interview. are you surprised by these comments from her, peter? the back and forth and she says now by the end of the summer, she'll make a decision. >> you know, i'm not really surprised. i mean, it is actually true that she has jury duty so she's sort
7:25 am
of in this state of limbo, she couldn't -- she couldn't, i think, actively do anything until the end of july, first of august anyway. i have to say even after hearing sean's interview last night, it does remain a guessing game. >> you're taking heat for this article. she's on the cover and it was a beautiful shot. there are some other very beautiful pictures inside. but you're really taking more heat for the words in which you wrote. were you surprised? i mean, because a lot of people are saying look, so there's a positive article about sarah palin. isn't that proving the point that people are upset about that? that's exactly what people think about the mainstream media. >> that's a good question. i don't think it was necessarily a positive article. it was sort of a straight article. and i think, you know, relatively speaking, maybe that comes across as being positive. the heat i'm taking is pretty much from one quarter which is lawrence o'donnell over at
7:26 am
msnbc. >> we have his quote here. put this up on the screen. "newsweek" inadvertently confesses to the deal that obviously made to palin for the cover. inferring there's some sort of deal. the flattering photography and the puff piece. i have specifically avoiding mentioning of the author of the "newsweek" piece because he has done good work in the past and surely again will do good work and should not be known for this love letter to sarah palin. peter, did you write a love letter to sarah palin? >> you know, i'm glad to get career passing grades from that great journalist, lawrence o'donnell but i guess i would say this about that. it's outrageous that he would suggest that we made a deal with sarah palin. you all work with sarah and i assume you know this as much as i do, to say she's not inclined to go on the cover of "newsweek." we don't make deals. i don't make deals. i wrote a story that treated her, you know, like what she is. in fact, a nationally
7:27 am
significant politician. i mean, i got this assignment back when she was undertaking that bus tour and people in our business were, you know, chasing after her up and down the east coast. i thought, wouldn't it be interesting and sort of fresh actually to sit down and just speak with her? i got lucky. did that. she made some news. and then the idea that that would be controversial to do that, that's sort of what journalists do. and i think it really was only controversial in that particular corner of msnbc. the suggestion of a deal is to me outrageous and offensive but i think outrage and offense, perhaps, is their purpose over there. >> very interesting. you say you just asked straight forward questions. precisely what reporters are supposed to do. peter boyer, great to see you and thank you for sharing your time with us today. >> thank you for having me on. >> thanks, peter. coming up on the show, they're
7:28 am
building the cars you buy but they're smoking and boozing before going to work. guess what? chrysler is not firing them. just suspended. >> then doctors want parents to lose custody of their kids if the kids get too fast. should obesity be considered child abuse? we'll have an interesting debate on that. >> get a new recipe for your weekend cookout with our barbecue on the plaza this morning. all right. it's thursday morning. and that means meat. ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
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7:32 am
>> congratulations, u.s.a. women's soccer team! yeah. >> they advance to the world cup finals for the first time in 12 years beating the french 3-1. that was pretty exciting. i'll tell you something, that match against the french women was a lot hairier than the once against the brazilians, believe me. >> oh, i get it! >> hairy as in scary. it's even on the cover of "the new york times" this morning, there they are right there, victorious. after a 3-1 win over france, the women's world soccer team is headed to the championship game this sunday. facing japan! >> on the phone from germany is u.s. women's soccer midfielder
7:33 am
carly lloyd. congratulations. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> wow. so here you go again. i mean, we were just reporting a you too days ago that magnificent win just a couple of days ago. somebody felt like that was the final. now you're going into the final. what's it going to be like to face japan? >> you know, it's phenomenal, first of all, to reach the final, you know, france was a great team. we have a lot of respect for them and, you know, we capitalized and got it done, you know, but we faced japan numerous amount of times actually. just prior to coming over here at the world cup and they're a great team and, you know, they're on a high right now beating germany and beating sweden. we know what we need to do and we're going to focus on game but it's just incredible. and the support back home has been unbelievable. and we thank everyone back home for supporting us. >> so you play a team a couple of times and you get a strategy together. can you get up any state secrets now that you've played them? you've tested them. any plans? what are you guys going to do?
7:34 am
>> well, we haven't really gone over it and i think, you know, when you play against teams prior to the world cup, it's definitely different than when you're playing them in the world cup. japan is great on the ball. very technical. you know, they string a numerous amount of passes together. they possess the ball well but we've got to bring our big, physical play out and, you know, distract them a little bit and see if we can possess the ball as well and create good chances and finish those chances. >> all right. carli, we know that you're from jersey. clayton and i both live in new jersey now and gretchen lives in nearby connecticut. we are all rooting for you and team u.s.a. go get em! >> thank you. appreciate it. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> good luck to you. >> now, some other headlines this morning, new documents just released concerning the tucson shooting suspect jared loughner. the pima community college releasing a copy of a suspension notice given to loughner after several confrontations with campus police. the notice said he would not
7:35 am
return to the school. college releasing hundreds of pages of e-mails, mostly newspaper articles about the massacre forwarded by campus staff members. gretchen? >> the lake amusement park outside of buffalo violated its own rules but broke no law letting a double amputee on a roller coaster. he lost his legs in iraq and didn't have the body mask needed to keep him in that seat on the coaster. he was thrown off it and killed last week. sheriff says park rules were supposed to ban amputees from riding. >> another wake-up call. this one is special. >> ♪ if you believe they put a man on the moon ♪ good morning, atlantis. this is michael stipe from r.e.m. we wish you much success on your mission and thank all the women and men at nasa who have worked on shuttle for three decades from earth, a very good morning to you.
7:36 am
>> maybe tomorrow, we can get herman cain to give them a wake-up call. >> good idea. >> it's day seven of the final shuttle mission for nasa. the crew of the international space station will spend it unloading more supplies from the shuttle and collecting more trash from the space station. bit of a trash mission also. >> ok. fox news in detroit, you're not going to believe this, busting another group of chrysler workers drinking beer, smoking pot before they head to the factory to make cars. a similar bust made big news 10 months ago. this time it's a crew from a different chrysler plant. lighting up and boozing it in the parking lot. >> yeah. aren't you supposed to be starting work pretty soon? >> i am pretty soon here. >> yeah. what do you got in the bag? couple of beers? >> beers. >> yeah. you drink beer all the time before you start work? >> no. >> you don't? didn't you already come here about an hour ago and have a couple of beers? >> yeah, i did. >> that kind of reminds me of when i interrogate my 6-year-old son. how many cookies did you have?
7:37 am
>> does he fold under pressure like that? >> he actually still does. he won't when he's 7. the worker you saw has been driving without a valid driver's license since 1993. chrysler's reaction to this video, the company says when the workers are identified, there they are right there, pretty easy to identify, they will be suspended indefinitely without pay. >> your son drinking before school also. let's toss it outside -- >> his milk. >> yeah, exactly. just his milk. nothing spiked in there. hey, steve. >> clayton, i found this in your locker, by the way. >> good to know i have a locker. >> you're talking about school. you want to add some variety to your summer grilling meals? renowned chef david burke has some tasty twists on familiar food and joins us live. david burke, i think, is one of the smartest guys in the kitchen these days and he's got a new place in new york down in soho. >> yeah, david burke kitchens at the james hotel in soho. >> today, you're going to do something i've never seen before and it's so brilliant, you say people should make meatloaf on their grill. >> grilled meatloaf like a
7:38 am
burger. what we did, instead of a large moat loaf, we made individual ones. >> take a look at this on the grill. >> yeah. there's one there. >> you start it out with a little bit of a foil packet and then you go right on to the grill. >> and you keep it small because on a grill, it would be impossible to cook through. >> we made them small so you can freeze them. make a big batch and then you do like the size of a burger and people like -- after a while, it's the size of a burger. meatloaf, you can add sausage and flavor. we did a lot of simple stuff. grilled bread is very good with bacon. grilled sourdough bread and we have onion jam there and put bacon on them. simple. >> very, very nice. >> good and simple. that's part of -- >> that's the bottom of this, chicken cut let, very healthy, grilled. we took some bacon and put that on the grill. we put lemons on the grill and we got peaches going and peaches are done with a little chili pepper, chili glaze and that will do our peach sundae, a little vegetable. grill is really friendly. you can put a lot of stuff on there.
7:39 am
>> it is. once i actually tried to make brownies on the grill. it ended disasterously but it shows you -- >> that's like white chocolate on the grill. >> it didn't work out. >> here's a question for you -- in fact, we were doing some grilling at our house last night but we always drink the same stuff with it. you've got some suggestions, for instance, if you have -- >> more char like caramelized meats, i go with boston lagar. this is a go to beer. the summer ale i like, too. it has the lemon and citrus and that goes well with salad items, vinaigrette. i got some chipolte, we have a new beverage out called 12 and i had something to do with the creation of it. it's made with organic teas, fruit juices and it's 60 calories per eight ounce glass, no added sugar. really on point for summer drinking. refreshing and it's an adult beverage that's sparkling. it's really meant to be a replacement for wine. it's really, really -- >> no hooch in it. >> add some hooch in that if you want.
7:40 am
if you want to add something, but the idea is more of a noon to midnight. that's where the word 12 came from. >> great idea. who is ready for meatloaf? all right. good. good crowd. >> david burke, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> if you would like any of the recipes, they are on our web site, fox check it out. gretch and clayton, into you. >> looks very tasty. next on our rundown, taxpayers fire back. their local government is very deep in debt and still wants to build a shiny new stadium with their money. we will debate that issue. >> that's not a hat. this is a pasta strainer on his head. >> what? >> why in the world would the b&b put that on a license and allow it? this driver played the religion card. said it was part of his religion. >> oh, please. first, the pfizer trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1950, this second city veteran is a regular in films by christopher guest. who is she?
7:41 am
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♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. >> 44 minute past the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. scotland yard has made another rest in the scandal linked to the now defunct news of the world. the paper was part of a news international, the u.k. newspaper division of newscorp which, of course, is owned by rupert murdoch and that's the parent company of fox news. well, newscorp apparently will have a response to that coming up. and take a look at this. an austrian man allowed to wear a pasta strainer in his driver's license photo. the man told officials that he's a pastafarian and it's an expression of his religious freedom. really, he's an atheist who was trying to make a point. funny. clayton?
7:45 am
>> what i usually wear. thanks, gretchen. it's a county deep in debt. nassau county, new york is already hundreds of millions of dollars in the red. but now, the county wants taxpayers to take on $400 million in additional debt to build a new hockey stadium. for the islanders. this is really a good idea? tom swazy is a former nassau county executive and joins us to talk about it. nice to see you. >> how are you doing? >> how can they get away with this? >> there's two sides of this debate. one side, it's curious because the republicans are saying they want to create jobs and do a stimulus package by building the new coliseum and the democrats on the other side are saying this doesn't make sense, you're going to raise people's taxes in the midst of all these problems while you're trying to cut jobs, you're trying to deal with a major deficit, you want to borrow $400 million and raise taxes by 4%. >> and they can't afford it. that's the problem here, taxpayers can't afford it. they've already been looked at and placed on watch. this budget is already $400 million they're seeking it borrow for this new stadium and
7:46 am
yet they can't afford it. they're being looked at by watchdog groups because they can't balance their budget. how can they be expected to do this and build a new stadium? >> nassau county, one of the wealthiest counties in the united states of america is one of the few places in america, one of the only places in new york state that has a fiscal control board in place where you have people appointed by the state of new york who are assigned to watch the finances of the county. so in the midst of all these different financial problems, you're talking about borrowing the $400 million to build the new coliseum because they want to keep the islanders there and they want to create jobs but there are people on the other side saying this doesn't make any sense. >> it's amazing to me with a watchdog group they can get away with this. how can they control this at the state level? they put the watchdog group in place. they're already $176 million in the red. is the watchdog group doing anything at the state level? >> as a matter of fact, they'll be meeting this week and reviewing their finances to see if they have a plan in place to deal with the financial crisis that they're facing in nassau county and this is going to be a big topic of conversation i'm sure. >> we're seeing this also at the
7:47 am
national level, even "the wall street journal" had a cover story the other day out of ohio about the same thing affecting individuals there, trying to build a new stadium and putting it on the backs of taxpayers and six out of 10 individuals in hamilton, ohio, at the poverty level and yet, they're being asked to fork over money out of what little money they have to fund a stadium. >> lot of times governments think there can be a one shot solution to the problems that they face and the idea of local governments who collect their revenues through property taxes and other local taxes, the idea of borrowing money for stimulus programs doesn't necessarily make sense. we see the same thing being debated at the state levels and at the national levels. >> sure, even in the debt ceiling, this is what we're talking about right now. i mean, do you see a similarity here between even nassau county and what we're being discussed in the debt ceiling? we need to raise revenues so we'll do it on the backs of taxpayers. >> what's curious is everybody's reverse positions here. in nassau county, it's the republicans that want to do the stimulus package and at the
7:48 am
national level, the democrats want to do stimulus and the republicans are against it. the whole thing has been flipped on its head at the local level here. >> it will be unbelievable to see if this $400 million stadium goes forward. let us know how you feel about it out there if you're watching this morning. friends at you can weigh in on it. great to see you this morning. >> great to see you. thank you very much. >> should parents lose custody of their kids if they're too fat? a doctor who says yes is here next. but first, this day in history, this date in 1789, french revolutionaries took over the ba still and in 1960, jane goodall arrived in africa to begin they are life long work with primates. george mccray had the number one song "rock your baby." of course, that looks like paul mccartney. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice
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7:52 am
>> if your child can't control their appetite, should you lose control of your kid? a researcher and a doctor at harvard university are now recommending that if a child becomes extremely obese, taking custody away from the parents may be the only option. >> taking a child away from their parents is a drastic action. it should only be used as a last resort but when we have a 400 pound child with life threatening complications, there may not be any great choices. >> so is that a good idea? here for a fair and balanced debate, he runs the heart diabetes and weight loss center in new york and joining me in
7:53 am
philadelphia, the director of the center of bioethics at the university of pennsylvania. good to see both of you gentlemen. >> good morning. >> i understand that you believe this could be a good idea because you believe that having an obese child within your home is a form of child abuse. >> no question about it. and where i'm coming from, i'm a bariatric physician, that means i specialize in weight loss. with that comes heart disease and diabetes. i see this problem all the time. it is child abuse. having an obese child is giving that child a death sentence. we have more diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and heart disease in these children. i saw recently an obese child and i'm looking at the three of them with the parents there and i say something is missing here and i came right out and said it. you know, the both of you have a major weight problem. it was like that was a big shock to them. here they're bringing the kid in.
7:54 am
so most of these obese children, believe it or not, they do have obese parents. and there does have to be some type of health intervention. >> how do we do that? i'm trying to think through in my mind. let's say the state comes in and says we're going to take your kid. where do you bring the kid? >> part of the problem with this idea is it's not clear if we have enough foster care to take these kids on. we have a system where they are being beaten up by their parents and being sexually assaulted and they overwhelm child protective services. we don't really know if you move them to foster care, that's really going to change fundamentally the problem as a whole. if you don't work with the parents and change those habits, then the kid is going back to the home and we're going to go back to square one. >> since you specialize in this, what would you recommend? >> we need health education, gretchen. you have to take the family unit and nowadays in these tough economic times, fast foods are a big, big problem. high calories, high fat, high saturated fat and most of us
7:55 am
americans are fat now. we're the fastest country in the world and it's increasing and the risk of diabetes is beyond your wildest imagination. there are 79 million people with prediabetes which is a heart attack and stroke just waiting to happen. you have to do health education. what would happen if you're giving your kids smoke cigarettes, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, jack daniels, that's a big problem. it's got to be with health education. >> i got to get -- >> family unit is -- >> i have to get art kaplan back in here. interesting thing is the state currently takes kids away from families when they're malnourished. >> we know what the cure is, to give them food when of a 300 to 400 pound kid, we know the cure is a diet but making that happen is difficult. i'll say this, i agree, we've got to get better efforts to get those junk foods and tax those sodas to make it harder to buy, we need better school lunch programs and i think we can bring like phys ed back into the schools. we're not getting much exercise for our kids.
7:56 am
there are things we can do but it's got to be across the board into the home, educate the parents. change the schools and probably start to tax those fatty foods more. let's give a disincentive there. >> well, we have agreed on one thing, it's a big problem in the united states. >> big problem. >> dr. fred vanini and art kaplan, thank you for your time. interesting debate. it may have taken a month, nbc saying sorry for giving god the boot. but they're pointing the finger. michelle malkin tackles the long delayed response. don't miss billy ray cyrus here live to sing for our soldiers. hi, anne.
7:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great thursday, july 14. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. the debt creel on the rocks after president obama apparently walks out, but he didn't leave without the last word. will his warning for congressman eric cantor lead to more trouble today? we'll go live to dc to see what kind of meeting they'll have. >> steve: it took an entire month, but nbc just said sorry, for giving god the boot. and they're passing the buck. we'll talk to michelle malkin. was the response worth the wait? >> clayton: has the obama administration imported an al-qaeda terrorist and then given him all the rights of an american citizen? a look at that shocking story coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends," the number one morning cable news show in america. >> steve: thank you very much. we've got clayton in this
8:01 am
morning for brian kilmeade who will be back tomorrow. >> clayton: thank you for having me. >> gretchen: let's start with your headlines right now because it's being called a coordinated terrorist attack, but no leads on who is behind it. the deadly triple bombings in mumbai, india which occurred simultaneously killed 17 people, hurt others. they believe it may have been revenge for police pressure on home grown terrorists. a eight-year-old boy murdered in his neighborhood laid to rest. thousands attended the memorial for him in brooklyn, new york. he went missing monday as he was walking home from camp alone. the very first day he did that he was only going to go three blocks. police discovered his dismembered body yesterday in a local man's home. they've arrested levi aaron and charged him with murder after police say he confessed to smothering the little boy. horrible story. you're looking live in grand rapid, michigan, as people pay their respects to former first
8:02 am
lady betty ford lying at the gerald r. ford presidential library. she will be laid to rest next to her husband, the former president. bill clinton, former first lady barbara bush, and former vice president dick cheney and his wife, lynn, among the dignitaries paying their respects at today's service. if you think you're the only one who gets probed by the tsa, think again. you're looking at former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld getting a good old-fashioned pat-down at chicago's o'hare airport. others say he was very nice and patient during the pat-down and even waved at a group of soldiers walking by. and those are your headlines. they probably recognized him. >> steve: meanwhile, president obama and top congressional leaders will sit down again today in yet another attempt to reach a definite sit bill and now word of a possible weekend meeting. oh, boy. wendell goler live at the white house. so they could be headed to camp
8:03 am
david, perhaps? >> well, the president has said that they will meet until they get this thing resolved and they could do that here, they could do that at camp david. they make some progress, maybe he'll give them time off. but they're back at it again this afternoon. fifth day in a row after talks turned testy yesterday. the president declaring enough is enough and demanding democrats and republicans find some common ground by the end of the week on lowering the deficit and raising the country's debt ceiling. this as moody's investor service says it will review the country's government credit rating and if it lowers it, that could raise interest rates for home mortgage rates, interest rates and new car loans. talks turned testy after there were smiles for the cameras, as you can see here. there were reports the president's patience ran out after house majority leader eric cantor, republican from virginia, suggested a month-long increase in the debt ceiling to
8:04 am
give lawmakers time to come up with spending cuts since republicans refuse to accept more tax revenue. we're told they agreed to between 1 1/2 and $1.7 trillion in spending cuts, but they need to reduce the deficit by $2.3 trillion in order to make it through the end -- in order to raise the debt ceiling by that much to make it through the end of 2012 and keep the issue out of election year politics. the president, it is said, was interrupted by cantor more than once. we're told that he dressed cantor down and abruptly ended the meeting saying, i'll see you tomorrow. missouri senator mcmccass kill says politics was the only reason for mitch mcconnell's plan. it would give democrats all the blame for raising the debt ceiling and be political suicide
8:05 am
for democrats in moderate states like missouri, like mccaskill. the white house says the proposal at least recognizes that it's imperative to raise the debt creeling and not let the country default. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. a live report from the north lawn. >> clayton: let's bring in michelle malkin because she's been watching these debt discussions very closely and michelle, i guess you have some inside scoops on that heated talk yesterday when it almost came to blows between eric cantor and the president. what happened? >> well, i wouldn't say i have an inside scoop. in fact, i wish that obama had abided by his campaign promise to allow cameras into these meetings and negotiations. however, we have had leaks come out from both sides of the aisle about what happened yesterday and from all accounts, it seems like the president had a, well,
8:06 am
hissy fit. it has been described as him storming out of the room or possibly absconding with a miffed look on his face. but for grassroots conservatives like me, it's very heartening to see house gop leaders and in this case, eric cantor, standing up and forcing obama's hand in these matters. we've heard that obama said don't call my bluff, which to me, is more than an admission that he's been bluffing to the american people, and i think that's really what needs to be called out here is the lies and demagoguery about the issue. >> gretchen: let's look at this quote. being attributed to the president. again, this is coming from aides, so it's not a direct quote. but apparently went like this. don't call my bluff. i am not afraid to veto and i will take it to the american people. this may bring my presidency down, but i will not yield on this. enough is enough. we have to be willing to compromise.
8:07 am
it shouldn't be about positioning in politics and i'll see you all tomorrow. the interesting thing to me in that quote, this may bring down my presidency. what does he mean? >> that's positioning and posturing if there ever was some. he's trying to make himself look like a martyr and a hero and on the bleeding edge of reform when in fact, he's been engaging in the same kind of, as i said, class war demagoguery, scaring old people. let's look at the simple math of his threat about social security checks. by the treasury department's own account, there is something like $172 billion in tax money that's going to come in next month. and social security checks total $20 billion. interest on the debt is going to be about $35 billion. which means they're going to have plenty of discretionary county coming in.
8:08 am
they're demagoguing republicans who are trying to rein in the spending and borrowing. >> steve: it will be interesting to see what happens. they'll meet again today at 4:00. we'll have complete details on the fox news channel. let's talk about something else you've been following, this ill conceived program called fast and furious where federal government somehow put guns out there. they wound up in the hands of 2,000 of them -- across the border in mexico, at least one was used to kill a border patrol agent. also you got project gun runners, something else involved in this. now we find out -- this is new -- that apparently 200 guns at least wound up in the hands of some bad guys down in honduras. >> yeah, that's right. the damage really breaking on this ill conceived program, which may have had good intentions when it started and just to be clear, project gun runner, which is the larger umbrella program over this, was started under the bush administration and then funded with stimulus money by obama,
8:09 am
fast and furious was an offshoot of that and phoenix. what we're finding from all the whistle blowers and great bloggers out there, investigative bloggers, including david kadrea, the clean-up site has been phenomenal in getting the word out about so many problems with atf's oversight of many of these programs, is that in many cities beyond phoenix and beyond texas, we're seeing that guns were walked across the border and into other countries and possibly into the hands and in this case, in tampa, florida, from tampa, florida, to honduras and possibly to ms 13 gang members. we now have house gop members in florida pressing the obama administration for more answers. there was an operation called operation cast away that may or may not have been involved.
8:10 am
and now the republicans are pressing the justice department, ice officials, the department of homeland security and immigration system, and of course, all of these atf beaurocrats who may have been involved. >> clayton: speaking about a mess, we want you to weigh in. nbc has now issued a formal apology to congress, writing a letter and it came from the president of comcast, basically saying a small group of people were responsible for removing god from the pledge during the u.s. open championship. that it was just a small group of people. they've been reprimanded, but does not reflect the larger company's ideology. what do you say? >> yeah. well, i think they'll have is a lot of trouble convincing the viewership who was really on this. this is not just some partisan political issue. there are diehard u.s. open fans out there who -- and i heard from tons of them.
8:11 am
this broke out immediately after the omission was made. it was made ways -- twice, which raised a question about whether it was a mistake or unintentional. and the apology comes late, but as many people have noted, it really does look more like blame avoidance and finger pointing. but they were called to the carpet by these members of congress and more importantly, by their own viewership and i don't think it's going to happen again. >> gretchen: it's interesting. when you watch the videotape, it's so patriotic and you're waiting to hear "under god," and suddenly there is a cavern of silence. it's so obvious that if any executive had watched that -- i don't know if they did or not, but if they watched to give approval, it would have been very obvious. we got to wrap it up there. but have a great rest of the week. we'll see you again next week. >> you bet. you, too. thanks a lot. >> steve: it's about a dozen minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. did the obama administration import an al-qaeda terrorist only to give him the rights and
8:12 am
protections afforded to american citizens? peter johnson, jr. talks about that next. >> gretchen: what if she made a promise on national tv? word is mila kunis might boogie out of her date with that hot marine. wait until you hear her excuse. say it isn't so. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> steve: welcome back. the obama administration once again attempting to try an alleged terrorist in civilian court here in new york city. this time it's a somali militant with ties to al-qaeda. are we affording terrorists the same protections and rights as american citizens?
8:16 am
fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us. you're nodding your head, it kind of looks like that. >> here we go again. this has been under the radar, although a lot of people like mitch mcconnell and others in congress are speaking out against it, saying what are we doing? a, we're importing a terrorist into the united states and b, we're giving them a civilian trial with all the rights of an american. ahmed wasami was held for two months after april 19 when he was arrested on a naval ship. >> steve: why was he on the ship? >> and intoxicated as if he was -- he was on the ship because it was alleged he was part of al-qaeda and al shabob and providing material support for them which is in violation of american law. interrogated by american officials for two months, then -- then they delay four days and say, now we'll have the f.b.i. interrogate him, we'll read him his rights. he waives his rights. then america decides not to send
8:17 am
him to gitmo because there is no policy in the united states about what we do with foreign terrorists caught abroad, and says, you know what? let's indict him in the southern district in new york city, in the federal court. let's have another civilian terrorist trial in downtown manhattan and let's afford this man all of the rights accorded to americans. some people in congress are losing it over this. >> steve: including jim webb, a democrat senator from virginia. >> correct. and they say what is the american policy? if we are detaining someone overseas, then why aren't we trying them in gitmo? but here is the problem. the administration wants to have a cake and eat it, too. they want to say, let's interrogate them as if he's a military combatant on the ship and then let's read him his rights, which he allegedly waives, and then let's bring all the risk of a trial in new york city as if this man is a common
8:18 am
criminal and not a war criminal. >> steve: he's got connections to al-qaeda! >> but the real fear is fine, bring him for civilian trial, but then we know the propensities of juries, we know people want to be fair. you should be given those rights. do you believe, steve doocy, i do, that it will be an issue in this trial whether his rights were violated based on that two-month interrogation? and do you believe that there's a possibility, more than a mere possibility, that this man who we believe is connected to anwar al-awlaki will be freed? will he walk the streets of new york? >> steve: there is a good chance if they can't do that reasonable doubt thing, we saw that. >> god help us. let's have a policy. >> steve: it's an eye opener. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. what do you any? e-mail us. meanwhile, donald trump is so fed up with the republicans, he's speaking spanglish.
8:19 am
>> they talk tough, but don't act tough. it's called el foldo. >> steve: what has got the donald so fired up? find out. plus, brc, billy ray cyrus performing outside. but first, billy, put down the guitar and come on in. we have some questions for you on the curvy couch. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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8:22 am
>> clayton: welcome back. headlines for you. look at this video just in from
8:23 am
new jersey, a bear. stuck in a tree. steve, that's by your house. no word on how he got there. >> steve: he climbed. >> clayton: exactly. he parachuted in, we don't know. david letterman's late night theater trashed by a drunk for the second time this week. >> steve: what? >> clayton: police say a copycat vandal smashed windows in the theater door last night, four days ago a struggling actor tried breaking in to the theater. i'm sure he won't work that into his show tonight somehow. >> steve: i got a feeling. meanwhile, in 2009, he took a trip to a combat zone in afghanistan and as billy ray cyrus was performing, bombs began going off in the background, but that didn't stop the star from singing on. inspired by our brave men and women serving overseas, he kept going and now that wonderful moment has inspired his latest record called "i'm an american."
8:24 am
billy ray cyrus joins us live. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> steve: is that accurate? you were doing a show, bombs were going off and somebody in the audience stood up and said what? >> keep going, mr. cyrus. we're used to it. >> steve: oh, man. >> it was during the song "some gave all." and it was the song i wrote about a vietnam veteran in 1989. it was highly requested from the troops to come over. so i actually flew over with admiral mullen and what we would do in both iraq and afghanistan is we'd land and sometimes we'd go into extremely hot zones and he'd go off and do meetings and i'd go to different places and entertain the troops. this one particular place outside of kabul back in the mountains, right in the middle of "some gave all," the bombs went off and it happened to be a pause in the song and the echo going through the mountains and i hung on to the spot, boom, boom, boom. >> steve: did it scare you? >> no. not at the time. it was more of, like, just
8:25 am
looking at those brave faces, looking back at me and that one soldier stood up and said, keep going, mr. cyrus, we're used to it. >> gretchen: that was a reality check. >> i just kicked back into. some gave all. ♪ some stood true for the red, white and blue ." it's a moment that i'll never forget. i knew i was going to come back and rerecord "some gave all." ironically, it was 20 years. i wrote the song in 1989 and that was in december of 2009 and so i knew then i was going to rerecord the song and luckily got joined by great american heros on this and great singers, jamie johnson, craig morgan, darryl worthily joined me on "some gave all" on this new tract. and i decided i'd go ahead and make the whole album for the troops 'cause they certainly deserve it. the sacrifice that i've seen in doing this new show on tlc going into their homes, called "surprise homecoming."
8:26 am
i go into their homes and talk to the kids, the moms, the dads, the wives, the husbands that stay at home while their folks are serving overseas. >> steve: i believe we have a clip of that of the new show. >> clayton: it's from "surprise homecoming." take a look. >> please make welcome my hero. captain bill crabtree. [ cheers and applause ] >> clayton: gives chills watching that. seeing the little kids' faces. >> steve: it's got to be hard to do that show. >> it is tough. that right there, captain crab tree, american hero, he did four tours in iraq. four tours. imagine that. and he comes home, surprises his kids and actually got to see his
8:27 am
little baby for the first time. >> gretchen: those are the kind of stories that just breaks your heart and you think about this is one family. how many other thousands of families are going through these similar kinds of things? you're the perfect person to do this show because you're so dedicated to our troops. >> when they ask about it, it felt like something i really wanted to do. a passion project for sure. this is, again, my chance to say thanks to our brave men and women for their service and sacrifice and again, the kids and the sacrifice that they make. all of us in america, i think this is a great time for us to applaud and salute our men and women in uniform. >> steve: speaking of kids, your daughter, miley cyrus, i've got three women at my house who have been talking -- big fans of hers. is there a possibility she's engaged to that guy? >> no. >> steve: you heard that rumor, though? >> i've heard the rumor, but i don't believe the rumors. >> steve: they would tell you as the father? >> i'm sure, yeah.
8:28 am
lee is a great guy. >> gretchen: i hope he would do the old-fashioned thing and call you up and ask for her hand if that was going to happen. but i want to talk to you about something else that's dear to your heart, the copd. you are the ambassador of this whole program. what's the correct title? >> i'm just lending my name to support a great project. you can go to to find out any information about copd. the 4 stands for the fourth leading cause of death in america. it has to do with trouble with your breathing, your lungs, and my grandfather had trouble breathing. my dad passed away a few years ago of mesothelioma. the more i learned about it, the more i realized there is something we can do. taking that five question screener on the web site is a great way to start. >> steve: absolutely. i know you're busy these days and today you'll be performing a
8:29 am
number for us. >> so fun. we've been sound checking since the crack of dawn. it's so surreal, it's such a moment. there is something about banjo and fiddle in the middle of this city, it's just magic. the people lighten up out there, all the police are out and people smiling. >> gretchen: we got a big crowd waiting for you. 20 minutes from now we'll hear billy ray cyrus. >> great to see y'all, thanks for having me. >> clayton: coming up in brand-new numbers on the show we're about to get, the jobless numbers coming in on the heels of the unemployment rate rising. a few weeks ago, fox news alert when we come back. >> gretchen: mila kunis might ditch that cute marine she promised on national tv she'd go to that ball with him in november. maybe not anymore. billy ray, maybe you can find somebody to go with him. you're hooked up. >> steve: she will go.
8:30 am
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a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for your loved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> gretchen: fox business alert for you. labor department releasing the latest weekly jobless numbers. take a look. 405,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. they were expecting 415,000 claims, so it is a bit better than they did predict. eric bolling from the "fox business" network and also the new co-host of "the five" that you can see here at 5:00 p.m. live every day will join us to talk about the numbers. >> look, it starts with a 4, that's really, really bad, if you get those numbers down to
8:34 am
the 3 area, 350 specifically would be much, much better. bottom line is it's a weekly snapshot looking into the employment situation in the country. it's still bad. it doesn't look good. going in the right direction, but again, we've seen this before, about two months ago i was sitting here, we had one that dipped to 380,000 initial jobless claims, and we're like, hey, good direction. and then it turned around and went south again. >> clayton: we were hearing from the white house a few months ago when we saw three months of it seemed like job growth, or the numbers were better. we were hearing from the white house this was part of a positive trend. now we're seeing two months of negative turn and the white house saying, it's not really a trend here. >> you know, clayton, the prior month before the 9.2% came out last week, the month before it went from 9 to 9.1% and mr. obama came on tv and said, oh, don't worry. that's just the bump in the road. we had created 56,000 jobs that month. this prior month, last friday, it turns out we only created 18,000 jobs. by the way, we graduated a
8:35 am
million high schoolers last year who are going to compete with the 14.1 million people already out of work for those 18,000 monthly jobs. it's crazy. jobs picture is bleak. >> steve: the economy is not keeping up. meanwhile, we've been detailing apparently the meeting at the white house quite sense yesterday. the president reportedly, according to one side, abruptly stormed out. one of the reasons was because moody's, the credit rating service, came out and they said that the u.s. debt will be on review, which could lead, next step, to a downgrade, which could lead to what? >> could lead to higher payments, could lead to bigger deficits, could lead to companies hoarding cash, buckling down, not hiring and will definitely lead to a double dip recession if it were to happen. there is hope, though. there is a group of lawmakers on the hill. there is a pledge called -- you've talked about it -- cut,
8:36 am
cap and balance. you get that balanced budget amendment, which is the basis of that, you get that going forward, the debt will come down. it will come down with natural growth, but you need that and unfortunately, that debate is going to happen after the july 22 deadline that everyone is throwing around. >> gretchen: but we have heard in recent days that that may be part of the negotiation currently. they're only one vote away from it in 1996. >> you're 100% right. it allows for the debt ceiling to raise if you go ahead and make sure you cut spending now, cut spending going, cap spending going forward, and that hugely important part, the balanced budget amendment. you get that and i think all of a sudden you see this $14 trillion, even if it ticks up to 15, will start to go down as the economy grows, which it will under that scenario. >> clayton: watch eric bolling on the five week days at 5:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. addictive to debate and
8:37 am
discussion. >> steve: a lively show. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> steve: now the rest of your headlines for this thursday morning. a dramatic high seas rescue near the bahamas. a boat burning 16 miles off the coast with six people clinging to the debris. three of them were burned. a passenger on board the cruise ship noticed the smoke and alerted the coast guard. the four men and two women were rescued. all are reported okay. >> gretchen: jaycee duggard's memoir breaking sales records. it sold 175,000 copies on its first day of release. that includes 100,000 e books. a company record for publisher. they say they've gone back to press five times already. the book is her personal account of her 18 years in captivity after she was abducted at the age of 11 by philip and nancy garrido, both of them now serving life sentences behind bars. >> clayton: donald trump so
8:38 am
disgusted with the budget negotiations in washington, he's ranting in spanglish. >> it's hard to believe, but the republicans look like they're about to fold again. they talk tough, but they don't act tough. it's called el foldo. >> clayton: el foldo. he's so upset, he says he's reserving the right to throw himself back into the race for presidency. those are a look at your headlines. >> steve: a couple days ago we told you that mila kunis accepted a date with sergeant scott moore. he invited her on a date. there he is right there. to the marine ball which will be in november in north carolina. now reports are that she apparently, during the month of november, making two movies and it looks like she's not gonna be able to make it. so far. >> clayton: apparently cease busy. she's got two movies in the works and she can't make it down there to north carolina in november for this ball. of course, he made this plea to her over youtube, putting this
8:39 am
thing out there on youtube and paperly she bit, but i think justin timberlake conned her into it. >> gretchen: she was doing a movie and he said, oh, come on, you got to go. i think it's almost worth that she originally seemed to accept and now seems to said no. and come on, i think sergeant moore probably never expected her to say yes. but could justin timberlake end up being the date of a female marine now? 'cause she just asked him. >> so, justin, you want to call out my girl mila. so i want to invite you to the ball in washington, d.c if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me a river. >> steve: that is corporal kelsey desantis, at quantico. now she's invited justin timberlake. can you imagine if he goes, if
8:40 am
mila goes? they could wind up with more stars there than the starbucks in malibu. >> clayton: it could be well far their movies, too. charles writes us on this, since a star doesn't appear in every scene, i think it's a copout that mila won't attend the marine ball. good point. like she can't take a day off to fly? >> steve: come on. >> gretchen: nathan in nancy, kentucky, i'm not really surprised that she is backing out. celebrity or not. all women fall back to their roots when it comes to tearing a man down. what? >> steve: harsh. here is another tweet. i think she ought to keep that date no matter what. he is fighting for her no matter what. >> clayton: another tweet this morning hollywood says it supports troops, but too few actually do. two days and one night, too much to give? just do it. >> steve: i bet you at the end of the day, i bet you a dollar,
8:41 am
she shows up. >> clayton: i would think so. >> gretchen: i hope so for the sake of sergeant moore. coming up, most americans don't want the debt ceiling raised according to a new poll. will the president consider that or are americans just too dumb to understand? that's next. >> clayton: billy ray cyrus returns to perform a hit from his brand-new album. there he is. it's a tribute to our troops serving overseas. don't miss this when we come back. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family...
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>> steve: quick thursday morning headlines. new video in, police in st. louis would like a word with the mystery driver of that suv. whoever was hyped the wheel tried driving over an unfinished bridge! they split before cops got there. the suv wasn't stolen and it has
8:45 am
plates, so we guess this mystery won't take too long to solve. and the date is set, kim kardashian set to marry basketball star kris humphreys on august 20. there is word that there is some drama. that is that her momager is planning the bash and kim doesn't think it will be lavish enough. mom trying to figure out how to make money off the wedding with the pictures and the whatnot. gretch? >> gretchen: all right. back to reality. president obama becoming defensive earlier this week when asked about this poll showing a majority of americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. >> let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a treasury auction goes. >> gretchen: was the president's response another example of him
8:46 am
telling the american people that he knows better? joining me is new york post columnist, michael goodwin, who wrote a column about this exact thing just yesterday. good to see you. you said when you were watching this press conference for the first time ever, you turned him off. why? >> i think that kind of answer, it just shows the president, he's ignoring the public and you go back to the 2009-2010, all through those two years when the democrats had the house and the senate and the presidency, they did so many things that the public disapproved of, you get to the election of 2010, you get a landslide, which is a clear rebuke to the president. his name wasn't on the ballot, but if it was, he would be out of work now, too. so i think you fast forward now to where the republicans are trying to do what the public wants, which is lower spending. that was the clear message of that election and the president disregards that. so i just think -- i'm tuning him out because he's tuning the public out. >> gretchen: very interesting. do all democrats feel the same way that the president apparently feels, that americans maybe aren't smart enough to get it? >> certainly a majority of those
8:47 am
in congress do. you look at the programs and policies that they passed in 2009 and 2010. all of them are out of the main stream. none of them are popular. none of them have majority support. to this day, obamacare is still no more than 40 or 41% approval in this country. i mean, this is a program that is not popular and yet, it came into law because the democrats and the president didn't care what the public thought. >> gretchen: this is -- you're speaking as somebody who voted for president obama and you write this. his presidency is a spectacular failure. his historic mandates squandored by adherence to leftist ideology and relentless partisanship. wow. >> i voted for him because i thought he had a perfect opportunity and a plan to unite the country. i think that the most important problem this country faces is the political division, the polarization. president obama ran as the person who would heal that, who would close that gap by appealing to the broad middle. that's not what he did once he became president. he appealed ohm to the left. he let nancy pelosi and harry
8:48 am
reid write the legislation and then he demagogued everybody who didn't agree with him. he demonized dissent. i think that is the most polarizing thing i've seen a president do in my lifetime. >> gretchen: you say his campaign speech should be elect me because you're too dumb to understand how smart i am. fighting words. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: a live performance by billy ray cyrus when we come back. plus, the emmy nominations are in. who made it and who got snubbed? let's check in with hemmer. >> his band sounds great, by the way. stick around and watch this. also you're going to meet a man who wrestled a shark. it's the summer time and he's got a story to tell. breaking news on the jobs numbers. also a republicans united or is there a crack in the wall? we're nearing the ten-year mark of 9-11. is the mosque moving forward? a special guest host this morning. maybe not a guest host, but
8:49 am
don't miss this intro. see you at the top of the hour. y on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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>> clayton: he's here to perform for us, billy ray cyrus is here to perform for us. let's hear it for him. [ cheers and applause ] called runway light. put your hands together for brc! ♪ graduated from lincoln high ♪ ♪ somehow i made my way to utmi ♪ ♪ joined the navy and i learned to fly ♪
8:53 am
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8:54 am
lights ♪ ♪ oh grandpa did his part for uncle sam ♪ ♪ daddy did his time in vietnam vietnam ♪ ♪ tonight i'm flying over sea and sand ♪ ♪ to unfriendly skies ♪ man if it was up to me ♪ i'd be touching down in tennessee ♪ ♪ my favorites standing there waiting on me ♪ ♪ with tears in her eyes ♪ i wonder how the yankees did tonight ♪ ♪ i sure hope grandma is doing all right ♪ ♪ i wish i knew what mom was cooking for supper ♪
8:55 am
♪ my friend jane has got my letter ♪ ♪ knows how much i love her ♪ lord knows i got a job to do ♪ i just can't wait until it's through ♪ ♪ i keep dreaming about that ♪ looking for those runway lights ♪ ♪ looking for those runway lights ♪ ♪ looking for those runway lights ♪ ♪ looking for those runway lights ♪ ♪ looking for those runway
8:56 am
lights ♪ >> gretchen: all right! >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: more with billy ray cyrus coming up. >> steve: plus the emmys. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprid how quickly my symoms have beemanaged. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervo system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whetr you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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8:59 am
>> steve: all right. welcome back. out in hollywood, they have announced some of the nominees for emmys. >> gretchen: board walk embuyer, dexter, friday night lights, the good wife and mad men. >> steve: big bang theory, 30 rock, across the street. familiar names. >> clayton: and tomorrow on the show, the all american concert series continues right here on the plaza. lighthouse will be performing. >> steve: who would like to hear another number from billy ray cyrus, because he's going to be in the after the show show, folks. solo

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